Testifying to God’s Grace

Sharon is a humanitarian, a lover of God and people, and believes strongly in Peace, Joy and that "Love never fails!!" Sharon has a passion to bring healing to the world with the gift of music that God has given her.


In 1998 Sharon was a victim of violence, sustaining multiple stab wounds and nearly lost her life. Only by the grace of God did she survive such an event, inspiring her to share her testimony through public speaking and song hoping to inspire others to live life to its fullest! Sharon strongly feels that no matter what "we go through in life, trust in God, and you can make it through and survive!"


Sharon has shared her testimony as an inspirational speaker in highschools, churches, concerts, nightclubs, community centres, banquets, live television & radio interviews, conferences and many special events invitations as a musical guest.


Proclaiming God’s Love

Sharon has toured, singing/performing as well as doing charity work, to parts of the world including the UK, Romania, India, Philippines, China, Thailand, Israel, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, Australia, Mexico, Jamaica, USA, Canada and more.